In and out the lusty nil wedding bells

a poem by S.zaynub Kamoonpuri, Tanzania

(Inspired by an American marvin goldfarb's great contest on promiscuity leading to unplanned children and child neglect and wonderful poems, 'LESSON IN LIFE' by BrittBrattTechy, 'Every child deserves better' by Josie (Poetryintheblood, and ..'TODAY'S SOCIETY' By Gary. W. Hill.

I won a bronze trophy for my poem below in the American poetry contest)

Instead of the nursery rhyme 'In and out the dusty bluebells my title goes:
In and out the lusty nil wedding bells'

If you are ruthlessly one of those
who changes lovers like you do your clothes
and if you do beget each time
think of the hapless kids you leave behind
rather than the silly selfish fun you have each time
for you deprive them of either yourself
or your ex- other half.
Gosh, it took two to make a child
so it takes two to make it glow and grow
For nurturing them, the both of you as couple need show
A single mother is modernity's most unfortunate sight
Modernisation to be blamed for this pitiable plight.
History had less promiscuity, so the family unit used to be tight

How many times will they jilt and ditch partners
just for moments of nihilistic pleasure and excitement?
But why let your innocent tiny tots suffer
as if children were mere byproducts!
And byproducts of what?
I say, of flitting, fleeting desires and passions
when senses can't think of consequence or contraception
for damn it you can't know where and when you will be carried away...
Then the resulting lil angels
to be cast aside as some leftovers
from past whirlwind romances.!

All that merry-go-round of flirtation
Marriage replaced by cohabitation
Falling in and out of the cycle like love
again and again for a newfound turtledove!
No probability of any stability
while kids suffer from disability
Didn't the Creator expect all couples
to stay together till 'death do 'em' apart
So how dare any of His creations
stick together merely till 'they get tired and bored????
As if the heart were an altering,revolving, love mart!
We oughtn't be stupid on the receiving end of cupid's dart!
Children should only be born in lawful wedlock
Only such stable family is society's bedrock

( the American contest specifically touched on the situation where children born out of wedlock and changing parents caused psychological turmoil for the kids. The contest theme stated:
Contest / waiting (first the marriage then the carriage should follow )
by marvin goldfarb
"I sometimes see some one I know on the street who has 4 children ranging fron 7 years old to 15 years old but she never married.

Be sensitive yet express your anger with the situation'". Marvin.G.

(pls also read the others poems below by other Westerner poets to get a further gist of what im reiterating here.
On the poem I got bronze the American poetry judge commented, "
marvin goldfarb -
"excellent. this is one of the best I ever read. It takes guts and character to write this and I salute you."

Every Child Deserves Better.

By Josie.

One woman I know
is expecting her seventh child
the oldest being only ten
and always hungry and dirty,
Seeing this woman angers me
as whilst her children scrounge for food
or are walking barefoot in this cold
she is always eating well
or buying her weekly lottery scratchers,
If this woman isn't popping out children
for the sake of welfare payments
then tie me to a burning stake
and do away with my soul,
It is disgusting to see her Daughter
steal from others just to survive
or seeing her nit filled hair
get more knotted with each day,
Her children are from several Fathers
one doing time and in and out of jail
whilst she moves on to different men
always falling pregnant to each new one,
I am no angel nor pretend to be
nor am I perfect as I am flawed
and although I was only eighteen when married
I waited till after that to have my son
for having a child is a responsibility
as well as a deep blessing
and in my opinion and belief
a child deserves the love of both parents
and the bonding that it brings,
It saddens me to see this woman's children
always getting into trouble
but who is to blame when they go wild
without any parental direction?
I call this woman a baby factory
and although it's your God given right to give birth
no child should ever be brought into this world
to be thrown aside once it's born,
whilst she walks around in designer clothes
and the latest technology
whilst members of the school community
are feeding her children,
so call me arrogant if you will
when I say the girls of today
pop out babies without thought
all for the mighty dollar,
the sad fact is that the money does not last
and the children then suffer
most ending up being cared for by others
or a welfare system choked with single Mothers.

Lesson In Life

By Brittany McCarthy

These days morals have gotten lost

Teens wanna get in bed at any cost

Future dreams,that college degree
Put on hold you are a mother to be
You thought he loved you, guess not
He found out now you're not so hot
It's the next girl's turn to find it out
The relationship was not about love
Pregnancies are what's kept track of
How many babies he brought to life
Should've waited til you were a wife
Now you must deal with it all alone
His whereabouts are now unknown
You can't party and no hanging out
This baby is here, it's all life's about
A lesson you learned the hard way
Time for you to grow up right away
This baby no accident not a mistake
Just remember those steps to take
No ring on a finger don't get in bed
That is today's lesson enough said.

Today's Society

By Gary Wayne Hill

First too young to be married
Then simply hadn’t the time
As she continued to churn out kids
Like some weird production line

She doesn’t see the point in marriage
It’s an institution out of date
Quite happy with the way things are
Though the situation is far from great

Though she far from lives in poverty
She seems to get by OK
You see, she gets more money from the state
Each time another kid is on the way

She says she’s “too busy for marriage”
And with the way things stand, “she’s fine”
5 years, 5 kids, 5 different dads
No wonder she hasn’t the time

She actually seems quite oblivious
To the disapproving stares
It’s the kids that I feel sorry for
A real sad state of affairs

The way she chooses to live her life
Simply baffles me
She symbolizes everything that is wrong
With today’s society

(Poem based on someone I know, as well as the prompt, it seems the situation is the same in the U.S as well as here in the U.K. © By Gary Wayne Hill thoughts • society • contest • angry .

Out of wedlock; epidemic of pain by Evelyn

You'll see her walking down the street
Makeup covering her face
Her kids have nothing to eat
Oh she's such a disgrace!

A new kid ever year
The youngest is yet to talk
They don't have clothes to wear
They are all born out of wedlock.

Why does she keep repeating the very same mistakes?
Why allow her children to suffer?
Why does she have to go through so many heartbreaks?
Can't she see that life is getting tougher?

The kids don't even know their fathers
Is this the life she wanted to live?
Why did she even fall for those creatures?
Probably this was not her motive.

Carriage before marriage is wrong, you see..
They will use you, impregnate you, and leave you be...
They will act all innocent in front of your eyes
They will whisper all sweet things to you from thousand miles
You'll be too blind to see that you're captured in lies
From thousand miles now, they won't hear your cries

You'll have no one to talk to, the baby screaming all night long
You won't know what to do, their screams will be your song

He got what he wanted, and now he's gone
Stop repeating the very same mistakes, and start moving on!

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