A Good Night message

a poem by Mukeshkumar Mafatlal Raval, India - poetry writer, author, poet

I looked at that message,
It read "Good Night "
I almost stared at it.
One by one the petals of it opened.
It was formal and written with a full
Knowledge that I would not be able to sleep.
It was habitual as you can't stop sending it.
It was informal too as the routine elements were not mixed in it.
It was just a message, may your night be good
It was an early wish as the sender had some plans to finalize before she could sleep.
It was awkward as it had not been in tune with the regular good night messages.
It was hesitant as to close the chapter early.
It was skeptical because it was sent before our night normally begins.
It was a signal that you are disconnected.
Perhaps for the night.
It was not a wish just a message
that you are free to do anything
Now it's your look out
Sleep, weep, cry or write a poem.

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