a poem by Thoughtmonger Varun, Nepal - poetry writer, author, poet

I love that time takes people away
I wouldn’t want them to stay
And I want to leave cause I don’t want to weigh
As a burden as a wrong display

I want to be what I want to be
I want to escape when I want to flee
Do I have a choice or am I living the fate ?
Am I stuck because I want to create
A new world where unique can exist,
Non-happiness is a policy we can resist

I question the rules already at play
What doesn’t work then take them away
If it doesn’t serve the future, ideas could be at disarray
Sustainable security is the point I want to convey
The truth when I learn I want to spray
When it speaks your words let it play on replay

We know what is right but afraid to say
Just want to survive and live this day
I surrender in front of power
I kill my own willpower
I know I should stand
And fight for motherland
But alone I am outmanned
Without support I can’t withstand

So I shout out to ones who care
With modern thought and survival rare
Their passions is a fire has become a flare
Has the answers and we want to share
Make the noise like guns fired in the air
Revolution is coming, stop us if you dare

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