Comet Complex

a poem by Marcus Allen Meriwether, USA - poetry writer, author, poet

Comet Complex

I think of way back when,
In days of older lives and two good kings.
Josiah and that Ahaz
Led some certain people
Hezekiah, too, you see.
These men and others listened here and there,
People speaking words of whom these three
Would defer to.
Up above, a Hero, real as it gets
Sits on a Great White Throne.
Sits and speaks to me, to you.
I hear Him sometimes.
I really hear Him hint at this and that.
I often listen.
I'd like to say almost every time He insists,
That I make the right decision,
And not go left or right.
When He leads me here, I go here...
There, there...

You, G-D, are responsible for my surrender and Your will done,
In me and around me.
You go before me and all the glory belongs to You only. x2
New Jerusalem is being built and will come from the clouds.
We will know, Jesus, that You are very soon on Your way.
Woe to Gog and Magog.
LORD, Your love and light endure forever and ever.
May I be your Simple Temple

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