Rear view mirror

a poem by Charles Fisher, UK

She drove along,
The thin valley road
In the mirror rear view mirror
Her present became her past
she said her farewell to her:
Tiny abode with thick castle walls

She drove along
The thin valley road
She told her self
It is the right choice
She listened to her questionable voice
To move away, to an unknown town
Way up north, to a Scottish town
She struggled to pronounce :Greenock
That stood on the river- bank
With a majestic scenes of mountains aglow
In the December that flows in the cold

Families of unknowns
Moved into the row of cottages
Beside her home, her own
Families didn't stay long;
Those families moved along
The community once strong
Nowadays, not strong; she
Didn't feel that she belonged

She sold her home
Her tiny home, with
Thick castle walls
Now, she drove pass the
Dots of cottages, astride
The thin valley road;
Through her front car window;
A new milestone of open road:
She smiled with mix feelings,
For her old tiny home; and
Her knew home

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