a poem by Moses Michael N, Nigeria - poetry writer, author, poet

Lo, the sun fades,
The moon gives her light,
Behold kings are born,
Surely Kings dies too,
Death is the common right-
Of beast and men,
Of the rich and the poor,
The privilege of us all.

Who can tell from where comes the wind?
Life is indeed a vapour,
Fading away like stars of the morning,
Shall one live as though the earth is his?
Even the mighty men of the earth are bid farewell,
Shall they be awakened from their sleep,
Many will walk only in the part of righteousness,
Never to swagger in a shallow mindedness,
But with a better view of a world beyond,
Where joys eternal reign;
And pleasures banish pain.

Could we but climb the top mountains,
Stood and view the landscape,
Of the land fairer than day,
Not with this world's pretended good,
None could ever be charmed any more,
With earthly pleasures and care,
The later appears better than the now.

Shall all men see this light,
View in a plain eyes clearly,
With no wanton lips nor envious eye,
The giant's supremacy sort for,
Surely shall be bid farewell,
In welcome of a beautifu land,
There everlasting spring abides,
And never withering flowers;
With eternal joy, bidding the formal,
Farewell! a long farewell,
To all their greatness;
To all their pride,
To all their greed,
To all their oppressions,
And to all their selfish ambitions.

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