Was It Only Yesterday?

a poem by Denis Barter, Canada - poetry writer, author, poet

It seems not so many years ago
That Life and living was all a “go”
The hours were never enough
My every day, filled with ‘stuff’.

Rising early, no time to walk, I ran!
Determined to be a successful man;
Never slowed until the end of day;
No time to chat, I’d hasten away.

But being much older now, I slow,
And consider carefully, before I go
To visit whomsoever. It’s great
To have no concerns, should I be late.

Once I’d plan my day, whilst abed,
Now no such needs fill my head:
Even wondered as how to dress?
Now seldom bother, I confess.

Always ate hurriedly, on the fly;
As I watched the hours race on by;
Taking no break to eat my lunch,
Rise later now, and partake of brunch!

Friends seldom seen - there was no time,
Are now today, well past their prime.
Visit some taking a well earned repose,
After donning black funeral clothes.

Madly, I’d dash from task to task,
So why did I survive? Dare I ask?
With others having left so fast,
How much longer will I last?

There’s few left, with whom to talk;
My memory fades, I’m slow to walk.
Old bones ache, they’ve little to do.
Perhaps now’s the time I went too?

For me to change? It is too late.
As I approach the doddering state;
But the young would be well advised
Not to listen to the oft told lies

That deem old age, The Golden Years.
Time will confirm your worst fears.
It gets no easier as you age, my friend,
Nor is it welcome as you near the end.

Whilst some are ill, live in pain,
Many are inspired to live again.
Still others, sit and watch the clock.
Retirement for them came as a shock!

Bored with TV, perhaps their hearing fails?
Some burden folks with repetitious tales.
With poor sight, others stumble and fall.
No! Life as a Senior is no fun at all!

Though some plan to go hither and yon
Long before they’ve left, the day is gone.
Starting out for something they would get,
Before their task is completed. They forget!

Shoelaces being hard to tie up, on shoes:
“Slip-on” footwear is what most choose,
With legs bound tight in “support” hose
And tri-focal spectacles on their nose,

Most Seniors are not a pretty sight
Ever a source of a comedian’s delight.
Family say we’re someone they love,
But we’re a nuisance. They would shove

Us off a cliff post haste, as a solution,
Were there no accounting nor retribution
For their actions. We’re often denigrated
And our shortcomings, ever exaggerated.

So older folks cannot move fast anymore:
Overall, their physique and posture, poor.
That head of hair, their glorious mane
Now gone. Overweight adds to their pain.

Oh Yes! Growing old is tough you’ll find
Playing havoc with the body and mind!
But small compensation can be found
If one takes the time to look around.

Though age demands a positive attitude
I’ll accept each day with heartfelt gratitude.
For Life has been very good to me,
Thanks to good health and family.

With years lived, now past seventy five
My fondest wish, is to remain alive.
For now I have but few complaints
My Life is good, I’ve few restraints.

Though I’m changed greatly since I was born
Still I’m very happy to see another morn.
Senses might wear out or fast fall apart,
But I’m alive! Thanks to my sturdy heart!

So I think myself lucky, to be alive today,
And for every blessing sent my way.
Yes, perhaps Life might be somewhat improved?
But it beats that moment when I am removed!

Rhymer December 3rd, 2019.

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