a poem by Elizabeth Grace Shearer, UK - poetry writer, author, poet

Words carry so much power
Whats in your stride, causes others to cower
Be careful not to minimise their pain
If you are unsure be sure to refrain

Labels distributed with such little care
People walk about oblivious, unaware
Marginalising groups with but a simple phrase
Hearts broken while ego's are grazed

That comment that lingers like a bad taste
Causes so much hurt, lives are laid waste
Careless descriptions that lack understanding
Perhaps meant well but overall undermining

Thoughtless speech brings hate and divide
Passed through generations in families resides
Common acceptance stokes the fire still
Arguements made for free speech and will

But noone stands for the downcast and broken
Words that bring life are seldom spoken
Looks of pity are extended through guilt
But no one cares when young blood is spilt

Words spoken in anger cannot come back
For so many people self control lack
Out in the open through the air they ripple
Words that destroy lives and cripple

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