The Best Christmas Present (All I want for Christmas is You - repost)

a poem by Nishu Mathur, India

Wrap yourself in a little box,
With tinsel silver starlight blue
Come knockin' at my doorstep..
All I want for Christmas is you..

Don't go a shoppin' sweetie,
Buying' me those fluorescent shoes,
Honey, your gifts are kindda different,
Shoppin' is certainly not you.

Last Christmas, I went bananas,
You gifted me a cockatoo,
It screamed away so lovingly..
And I didn't know what to do..

And before that, though very kind..
Those jars of magic glue?
To mend all the dainty porcelain..
(Accidentally) broken into smithereens by you.

Ah, those glow in dark yellow glasses,
That suddenly blocked my view,
I knocked down some friendly brethren,
And I landed in custody too..

I know you have tried... honey bee
Even baked me an apple stew,
So very sweet but tough..
It was to bite into.

Lovely gift givin' ideas..
Love, you've had them quite a few,
But don't go a worryin' darlin',
All I want for Christmas is you.

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