Rise Of Hopes (Collaboration with Monika Sharma)

a poem by Owais Ahmad, India - poetry writer, author, poet

Come with me, at the sea,
Blue sky shining with glee,
Calling you for a ride,
To swirl on the ocean tide.

Sea is flowing from my eyes,
Day or night always the dark sky,
Only pain to feel when hollow inside,
Heart is broken; dreams mala fide.

Let the cold water heal your pain,
Let the darkness be washed away in rain,
Love can bring morn's ray to fill emptiness,
Have some faith in your own grace.

I'm afraid, what if I fall,
I'm alone, who should I call?
What if I get lost in the torrents of tide?
Who will be there by my side?

Shed away fear, feel the joy,
Love the sea, love the sky
Love the ride of the tide
Love the feel of ocean inside
Hold my hand; I'll be your guide.

A collaboration with my painter friend Monika Sharma (her first attempt at poetry). Thank you for helping me make my pen moving again.

Written: 08/12/2019

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