LOVE IS! – My Most Favourite Christmas Present(s) – for Denis’s Writer’s Challenge request

a poem by Adam Archer, Australia

Love is! ‘Tis the omnipotent divine constant:
Heed the love, as it abounds by all earthen signs,
It steals over thee to surround by flank and front,
Fitly structured seasons and cosmic scaped designs
Whence, the twain science and nature as one aligns -
‘Pon gemmed horizons the sun bids our daily bread,
By midst of day, en massed clouds fade and sunburst shines,
By dint of dusk some trembling stars resume o’erhead,
Where gifts, the gamut of providence divine, spread:
So then ask – describe the colouring of starlight:
That umbrella of stars where inspired rhymes derive -
That waltzing of the planets, by dusk they ignite,
The ovoid flirt ‘twixt sun-moon, jointly ne’er arrive.
Observe how the heavens flint, whence meteors dive,
And sailing constellations bide nocturne ascents
Steering yon the milken mere plashless in their strive,
Idly twinkle they by the fringes of space, dense,
‘Tis but an aeonic glint, to each new night, thence.
So then ask – describe the essence of reminisce:
Lo, that discernable plane 'twixt fancy and fact -
How the mind amasses memories and thoughts, bliss,
The twains thus rhapsodize from-to nostalgic tact;
All sensorium coalesce one coursing tract.
Muse - natheless, for many a neap tide hereon
Shouldst thy leisure-time address what boredom’s spell hacked,
When time is spent wearing down the grades, some forgone,
By that calmer zenith of life - reminisce yon!
So then ask – describe the quiescent sunshower:
Dark eastward skies sidle yon the westward sunning;
That spring-cycle paradox whence sun-rains augur,
That steamy precip bombardment through drizzly spring
Yields earthen amply spiced with that petrichor zing.
Time would cleave its veils asunder, in full glory;
Gossamer mist freewheels, shines particles of bling,
‘Pon trees and the fresh bloom anon glisten vastly,
Amidst the calmness and eddies of love, praise be!
So then ask – describe the tune of the Grey Shrikethrush:
Whose overt aria trills by the springtime waft,
Nay genus of bird equals that euphoric gush
With endued carolling by some brushy vast toft.
This camouflaged soloist starts the dawning oft’
Call by call, by sunny ray, yields its hallowed tune,
A mate erelong corresponds in altered notes, soft,
Blithely frolic they through soft gales by nature’s boon.
Though dull feathered, resplend neath Aurora light strewn.
So ask – describe once for all, the spirit of love:
The mortal theorist is nay more a day dreamer
Than the humble realist who seeks truths thereof -
The sum of all virtue - ye who lovest wiser
Shouldst the fabulist deficient of doting, err!
Lest haply thou wert rash to thyself love deny,
Love - but love to a fault, shouldst fault make some heads whir,
For when the noon of life stealeth thy youthful spry
Fear not fear but belated bliss and regret, wry!
Love is the faint rosy mantling opon thy cheek -
The very cheek that hath mine blushing all the more!
Love is the art of living wholly, as kin seek,
Art we not mere vessels custodian to lore -
Heirs to this plane’s time-space continuum: hind, fore.
Oft’ such realms by subtle meaning erelong give sway,
So learned is the mortal student who evermore
Rejoice the simple sounds that birds coo or harps play;
For posterity, Thy love is the true pathway!

©Adam Archer 2019

Warm Wishes for the Festive Season and a Safe, Happy New Year to all.

*Each stanza is a Spenserian stanza all of which written in hexameter in place of its original pentameter verse. The rhyme scheme is ABABBCBCC.

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