An Unusual Happenstance!

a poem by Denis Barter, Canada - poetry writer, author, poet

Loafing by the river one warm summer’s day
A man dressed in shorts and bowler came my way.
With a nonchalant wave and a cheerful, What Ho?
Politely asked if he’d much further to go?
His question caused me to wonder at his intent.
Saying that I’d no idea to where he was bent?
When I remarked on the sun being hot this afternoon.
He agreed, saying his arrival would be none too soon.,
Hoped that when returning from whence he’d been,
He’d have time for another chat, but he was keen
To return by another route. Please said he,
Say you’ll be there, wheresoever it might be?
Though I’ll thank you now while it’s on my mind.
Perhaps, should we meet again? I’ll hope to find
You’re just as helpful then as you are now?
That you certainly have been, I solemnly vow.
I’m so pleased you were able to set me straight
For my wife always insists I’m home by eight!
Then off he went without fuss or hullabaloo
His parting words being - Toodle Pip to you!

Rhymer. December 13th, 2019.
Did it take place? Age related mental aberration? or an impossible moment recalled? Lol.

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