a poem by Westly Alexander Shaw, USA

Drifting in the air around me was the smell of my
Peppermint gum, mixed in with the smell of
roses from the garden below.
Outside my window in the velvet darkness it was
so quiet I could of heard a pin drop. Off in the
distance was an old silver Cross, surrounded by
tiny snow colored lights. It reminded me of a
child nightlight that shined brightly ,so the
world around it would not be in total darkness.
Suddenly, a loud sound of thunder roar across
the stillness, ringing in the hour. It came from
a huge gold, and cracked bell that reminded me
of the Old Liberty Bell in Philadelphia.
Together the gold bell and silver cross was a
reminder of time, and how someone had already
taken their last breath on this earth for the
last time. Time could be like a plain wrapped
present. Easy to take for granted.
But what if there was no tomorrow!
The silver cross, and gold bell , was a reminded
that just like river water washing over our feet,
the same water will never pass over our feet
again. Time was a gift from God, and never to be
taken for granted, but made the most of.
The bell and cross was to me a warning, as
plain to see as the noses on our face. That
just like words out of our mouths, cannot be
taken back, nor can time once lost be
given back.

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