Heaven Sent

a poem by Simone Jenneane Oerson, South Africa

You were my prayer answered
Everything I ever wanted
You came in a time filled with pain
Thought I lost myself instead my soul I gained
I look into your eyes and see so much fear
Don’t look so sad I will carry your tears
Nothing you can ever do will push me away
Nothing you do can make me stay
Endlessly I will be there waiting and being here for you
My heart, thoughts and prayers are yours and true
Every second, every minute of every hour has your name on it
You are the flame and fire that sets my heart alight

My precious gem you are the one I will always adore
No one in this universe could ever love you more
You are a part of my soul, you live in my heart
And nothing and no one will tear us apart

When you feel lonely call my name
When you are sad I will be the clown to make you smile
When you feel crazy I will stay by your side till you feel sane
I will be here for you for more than a forever, more than a while
I was designed to love you
I was created to help you stay true

You are the sun and I am your sky
that lifts you up, carries you every day and keep you on high
If you are the cloud
I will be your rain, keeping you from touching the ground
You will be the force and I will be the wind
You are my heaven sent

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