Bakersfield California Newspaper

a poem by Michelle Dawn Witcher, USA

I want to run
I want to scream
I want you to feel as much pain as me
An innocent child is what I was
You should of kept me safe from danger
But that’s not how it was
Such a large company you’d never think
you could hire a child to just throw away
The man you hired to supervise over me
after I delivered your newspapers kidnapped me
But you didn’t care you even helped
him evade the police
Your money and power you taught me at age 12
how much it could control
The court protected you
and a child molester that you hired
to supervise over me
I delivered your newspapers a job that
you hired me to do
Wen I went missing that day
you should of looked for me
or at least cared if I was ok
If not for a young boy who called 911
I would of died because of your neglect
and what you did.

Before you let your child get a newspaper route
Make sure a convicted child molester
isn’t who the newspaper sends to pick them up

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