You Saved My Life

a poem by Michelle Dawn Witcher, USA

T. L. you don't half to suffer
you don't half to deal with this
nightmare all alone
First you must understand
why you wake up in tears
and why you feel so afraid
and alone
Things in the past that
you couldn’t deal with then
you will half to now
Don't let pain from yesterday
take away your happiness today
Once you realize that PTSD
is why your feeling as you are
you can get back control of
your life but it will be hard
This road to recovery
I wont lie it will get worse
before it gets better
You don't realize the control it
has over your life
You can get it back it
just takes time
The first thing you must do
is look at that day that causes
you so much pain
And realize that you were hurt
but you are not destroyed
Be strong and go to counseling
don't let that day hurt you anymore
Forgive the defendant for what he done
pray for him then move on
What he done you know was wrong
And he is the evil one
Counseling is how you take back your life.
You deserve to be happy and have a good life
It’s because of that day you keep suffering
but it shouldn’t be that way
You should stand tall and be proud
it’s because of you that I didn’t die that day
Sister you saved my life please remember that
and let go of the pain
When you think of that day
don't let tears fill your eyes
Put a smile on your face
it’s thanks to you
that I’m still alive

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