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Like a faded dream,
Fleeting away from a little child,
So swiftly like when the eagle soars so high in the air,
That soothing feelings of living free,
Was long gone, like a labour pain,
When the child is born.

He was hurt, not of physical pain,
His days were restless,
And his night calm,
Until morning when the darkness disappeared,
And the present day reality unfolds,
Like when the groom unveils his bride.

The time of the future is nigh,
Weather they believe it or not,
The words are true,
The legend is faithful,
The present reality, so unpleasant,
Many have wished a better place,
The now is so ugly,
Her dreams far fetched.

Who can live free on a ruined world?
Full of miseries, pains and sorrow,
The good, the bad,
The rich, the poor,
Who hasn't cry?
The end is nigh,
In the mid air he shall appear.

He, the cure of all evil,
Perhaps the end of all that's sin,
Liberation of the weak,
From the mighty one of the earth,
His mind is certain,
In the name of all that is True,
He came, he lived, he died,
He rosed, he ascended,
He will come again,
That alone is a perfect dream.

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