Moonlight Serenade

a poem by Shaunda Yvette, USA - poetry writer, author, poet

In my dreams
You’re something wonderful.
I’ve got to have you.
I’ve waited so long..
When you close your eyes,
Give me all night.

Anticipation, playing possum.
My romance;
The stuff dreams are made of.
Waterfall like a river
Are you ticklish?

More and more,
By myself; I see your face before me.
As time goes by...

In the wee hours in the morning,
We have no secrets.

My one and only love,
It’s too soon to say goodbye.
I haven’t got time for the pain.
Look me in the eyes,
All the things you are
I only got eyes for you.
And the more I see you,
After the storm
Touched by the sun,
Alone together
In the still of the night;
This kind of love...
The best thing.

Moonlight serenade
Lost in your love.
Legend in your own time,
All I want is you.
You’re so vain,
Where and when night owl?

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