Pray For Peace .

a poem by Edwin Keith Jepson, UK - poetry writer, author, poet

Pray for miners who are gone
and for those who will follow
They toiled below where nothing shone
in a mine that showed no sorrow
It's been said they were rough
but they always loved their brother
When trials became to tough
they always helped one another
Pray for soldiers who are gone
and pray for those who will follow
They died in battle one by one
in wars that showed no sorrow
Pray for families everywhere
and for those who will follow
Bless the doctors and nurses for their skill
in a world that's full of sorrow
Pray for a wonderful life ahead
one of peace ,instead of sorrow ,
Always honouring the dead
Who gave so much ,
for a 'New Tomorrow '.

Author , Edwin Jepson ,
January 4th 2020 .

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