mene mene tekel!

a poem by daniel faerber, Canada - poetry writer, author, poet

What shall I write amidst this generation of words and noise?
Communication is more frequent and faster than it has ever been -
communicating nothing_______________________________
Images flash before us - except a true image of ourselves.
We frown, but the clowns tell us it’s a smile.
We are taught to fly like birds but never learn to sing.
We learn to create our wildest dreams, where now is our sleep?
We can understand every creature under heaven but ignore what they say.
We pick up trash to save the planet yet abuse our beautiful bodies.
We protest for peace yet our mouths spew filth and hate at each other!
Yet the finger of hope still writes in unforetold places:
Alcohol, because it reminds us that pain is real.
Cigarettes, because they remind us we were born to die.
Sex, because it points to the fact that love exists - outside ourselves.
Drugs, because we know that reality is more than meets the eye.
But to accept the love that surrounds you...
you must turn away from the sins that blind you-
Change your heart before you change your world!

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