Live the thrill life..... inside the Sea!!!!

a poem by Ashay Giridhar Shanbhag, India

Work, work and work saturates the mind,
Give me peace, someone be kind,
Vacation with friends, peace was long lost.
Much awaited sea adventure at all cost!!

The crystal clear water but rough beach,
scuba diving at tarkarli seemed out of reach!!
But intent was clear and wish was pure,
We boarded the dancing boat indeed unsure!!

Some yards in the boat started tilting,
every wave would chill down our spine bring,
"So who would go 1st?" trainers's million dollar question!!
Every friend had the other friends name mentioned.

Finally we started our breathing exercise,
One DEEP breath and we dived into water paradise,
Unique pattern fish skin radiated in sparkling sunlight,
Under sea believe me is a breath taking sight!!

We gave our healthy OK symbol,
under water jell fish were on a roll.
Flora and fauna left us spell bound.
Our breath & heart beat the only audible sound!!

I gathered height and boat was visible,
Sense of pride as to Scuba dive, I was able.
Time had flown, it was a dream for me.
We lived the thrill life... Inside the Sea!!

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