The Accident ( When have time on my hands ! )

a poem by Westly Alexander Shaw, USA

When I have t time on my hands, I stop and scratch
my hard head, and wonder why me God, why me ?

The day of the accident the smell of roses were drifting in the air,
along with car honks honking somewhere far in the distance.
I was smacking on my peppermint gum , and thanking God
for a perfect day, and then the traffic light turned red.
I stopped, but you didn't.

My heartbeat ticked away as if a time bomb about to go off
at any second. Everything around me now was so still.
We never think were be in an accident, and mishaps occur
only to others. Now I am the victim!

You name, my name, sorry to have met you this way !
Out dated License, but here is mine !
My insurance card and yours !
One policeman all shiny and new, who told you that you
were following to closely.
A picture here, a picture there !
And of course witness's by the dozen.
A hand shake and off we go!

Awaiting phone calls, from your insurance company.
To find out you where never there .
You sold the car a week after.
The witness's didn't matter .
The police report was missing !
It was your drivers license out dated of course!
However, you say it now was stolen.
I even had a picture of you, the same as on your
out dated license.
After talking to you, my own insurance co. thought it
was a miracle I rear ended my own car.

A year has gone by, I was found not at fault,
and my car is fixed.
However, this matter is not been solved !
I want my deducible !
Why did I ever have to met you ?

When I have time on my hands, I still wonder
why on that perfect day, it had to be me.
Why God, why ?
Why did it have to be anyone ?
At least no one was hurt !`

I do hope the other driver learned to keep his eyes on the road,
as next time it could be worst.
And denying he was there, won't help when someone
is carried off in a body bag.

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