a poem by tobias kerins, UK

You can call me nostalgic, that I live in the past
But these plaudits I give, will not be the last
For the men and the women, World War II they did fight
They never allowed freedom, to escape from their sight

The war was uncalled for, Hitler made a choice
He really could only, hear his own voice
Poland was invaded, borders were broken
The German Third Reich, indeed had spoken

Further invasions, were prepared and planned
In HItler's mind, his plan was grand
Norway, Denmark, Holland and France
Across Europe wide, a merry dance

Belgium followed, Czechoslovakia too
But Britain was a problem, a subject taboo
In Hitler's words, natural enemies we weren't
But talks collapsed, and bridges were burnt

Bomber command attacked, German cities destroyed
Hitler furious, he was most annoyed
British cities, they faired no better
London was bombed, to the letter

A war of attrition, the Germans with the upper hand
The British realised, did understand
If they were not careful, German victory was assured
Resources were charged, into defence poured

The tactics must change, take things to the wire
The ultimate bird, the mighty Spitfire
The Hurricane too, played a major part
The British fightback, was about to start

The Germans came, for London again
With Berlin's bombing, they felt much pain
Buildings they fell, fire it burned
But the British indeed, had lessons learned

Because of the distance, time was tight
Fuel was a problem, on the guage keep sight
They would have to return, could not hang about
The RAF, would attack no doubt

Over a short period of time, both sides had losses
But soon the British, became the bosses
The Spitfires worked, they bobbed and weaved
German pilots, they growled and seethed

The Germans retreated, their planes were through
The Spitfire scorched, and the Hurricane blew
The RAF pilots, greatly revered
A brilliant victory, engineered

But here not stops, the words of praise
An important matter, I have to raise
Other pilots, from other lands
Came to help, got messy hands

With a polished performance, the Polish boys played
Each day without fail, they were on parade
The Kiwis of New Zealand, they flew from the nest
Never failing, to pass the test

The Czechs they did battle, threw their hats in the ring
They bowled along, and skill did bring
The South Africans fired, with a steely mind
To smoke out the enemy, they would help to find

Canada came, and Canada shone
It wasn't long, before the Germans were gone
The Americans stood, with force and might
Along with the British, they chose to fight

The RAF, is the world's elite
The one that Hitler, was unable to beat
With pilots immense, and courage abound
Forget the Stuka's, invading sound

Forget the Messerschmitt, it was no contest
Sptifire and Hurricane, they were the best
Through European skies, they flew with grace
Finally destiny, Hitler to face

Of course there was the army, the navy too
The boys in khaki, the boys in blue
But those boys in the planes, they had the final say
And Hitler's airforce, they blew away

Peace was restored, the fighting it ceased
Defeat of Hitler, a menace and beast
Churchill he won, the Third Reich was broken
German in England, would never be spoken

The Dutch Flowers
The Maltese Falcon Vol IX
Attack the Vulnerable for Greed (in the words of the birds)

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