When I Have Time on My Hands. January 2020 Challenge.

a poem by Denis Barter, Canada - poetry writer, author, poet

As close friends know and understand,
there’s times I have spare time to hand.
Not often, but when it happens at times,
I’ll seize it to write a few more rhymes.
On such odd occasions I’ll often ponder,
upon events seen, at home and yonder,
or take a well chosen moment to relax.
Perhaps I’ll ask a rhymed question to tax
a reader as to their awareness, for I enjoy
teasing with innuendo or by using a ploy,
leave them wondering, a little perplexed
as to how I duped them? Being vexed
some write me personally, as to why?
I wrote a rhyme that had - on the sly,
misled them unexpectedly, and why
for they ask? Undoubtably I’ll reply,
this is a favourite gambit I employ.
Being of an age, I love to annoy
those who live their lives regulated,
until one day, with ambitions belated
they realise Life, has passed them by!
Without valid reason then wonder why,
they’d lived their life this hectic way?
Without time on their hands, each day
driven by the clock, they’d no time
to stop awhile, and hear its chime!
For me, when I’ve time to spare,
I look around to see what is there
to enjoy, what took place, unseen:
a moment to savour a fleeting scene:
a cloud, that spikes my imagination
and allows me to calm my exasperation
over matters which have rattled me.
Time on my hands, if only momentary,
provides the time to control my ire.
To replace my angry tempestuous fire!
I can dwell on a calming pleasantry,
with Time on My Hands, permitted me.

Rhymer. January 9th, 2020.
I could do with a little Time on my Hands right now. Hectic time of late, and more to come. Lots of sadness and grieving too, as I have just heard my old Navy Buddy - Peter - 70 years of friendship - passed away at Christmas. He's greatly missed! Denis.

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