a poem by John Chika Onyeme, Nigeria

Each time I see or hear you coming my face lights up with smiles
I smile as though you're a gift I've been waiting for all the while

We talk and laugh and joke and tease ourselves, pause awhile
And stare a little longer still, unabashed again we smile

No other days can please me more than days we spend together
We fun about like puppies that would be puppies forever.

No time as such a time, my love, when you look into my eyes
And lay that kiss upon my lips and leave me hypnotized

My love, the warmth I feel, the peace within, the ease your mien provide
Are just enough to purge the world of all its ashes, ills and strife

I've heard lovers complaining of dull fondness and waning love
But not a time with you is stale, not a time for which I strove

Time would loose its grip on us, the clouds would scud across the skies
Day would come and night would fade, the rains would fall and sun would shine

And I'll love you. In shame I'll love you. In my pride I'll love you
Until nothing exist in your thoughts than the love I have for you.

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