When I Have Time on My Hands. #2. January 2020 Challenge.

a poem by Denis Barter, Canada - poetry writer, author, poet

When I scan a dark, moonless night,
to see a sky of stars, sparkling bright:
though tired and of energy I’m spent,
I’ll take a moment to recall an event,
or remember visits to far distant lands,
as I enjoy the time upon my hands.

When walking through a forest glade,
then sit awhile in cool, tree given shade.
I’ll watch Nature at it’s daily routine,
and wonder what life might have been,
had I taken time to closer understand,
when I’m gifted time upon my hands.

When strolling by a babbling brook,
and stop awhile to listen close, and look
to see if perhaps a fish - a small fry Trout,
is, with keen, cautious eyes, looking about,
to see if danger lurks, from one who stands?
My pleasure, when I have time upon my hands!

Sometimes thinking on days long past,
or events and joys that flew by too fast!
I’ll recall those I’ve met along the way
as though it was just yesterday.
Such moments are, like shifting sands,
for when I have time upon my hands.

Seldom are there moments I can spare,
when I will sit and wonder as to where
the future leads, and what it holds for me?
Though what lies ahead? remains a mystery,
when I have time upon my hands, I accept
it’s at falling asleep, I am the most adept!

Rhymer. January 10th, 2020.

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