January 2020 Challenge – With Time on My Hands

a poem by Betty Janko, USA

When I’m finding too much time on my hands
Searching for reason within all the lands
I think of the world as a neighborhood
Where every culture can be understood.

To look where I live, to places I see
So many others who are NOT like me
Tho some down the street are in disarray
Insist to wreak havoc and threaten to stray.

We’ll stand at our door and reach with our voice
Not with anger but peace, let’s make the choice
An eye for an eye, NO that’s not the way
But hands opened wide with kind words to say.

When mankind is strong and equal and free
Lions can lay gently and peacefully be.

* It is so easy to descend into darkness these days, but we must find the light of hope if we are to survive.

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