When I Have Time on My Hands. III. Musketeer January 2020 Challenge.

a poem by Denis Barter, Canada - poetry writer, author, poet

Tick tock: tick tock,
never ceasing is our clock!
Possessed of latent power,
every second, minute, hour,
recorded from our First day
until it stops! Our final day.

Tick tock: tick tock:
ever pulsing is our clock!
Noting days without number,
even times spent in slumber!
Its subtle power overseeing:
regulating every human being.

Tick tock: tick tock:
never stopping is our clock!
Every deed - time allotted,
with it’s presence, we’re besotted!
Ever in the sands of time,
until we hear, its final chime!

Tick tock: tick tock:
though slower runs our clock,
still it regulates our days,
compelling in so many ways.
Never slowing are its hands,
even when time is on our hands.

Tick tock: tick tock,
comes the hour, when our clock
firstly falters, abruptly halts!
With no time to assess our faults!
Motionless our clock now stands,
lingering not upon our hands!

Rhymer. January 11th, 2020.

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