When I have time on my hands

a poem by Westly Alexander Shaw, USA

When I have time on my hands, my heart ache to share
with you what is within my heart.
We live in times of deep regret where many people
are tired of getting from here to there, and just gave up.
I see these zombies trapped in a state of existence that
not here or there.
The bells ring at the church , as they get married. They
are seen buying new cars, at the bank, stores, and with
their children.
Instead of being like blue birds that sing joy into my
heart from near-by tree branches every morning,
they hum a monotone tune.
These zombie have no passion, they go through
the motions. As they go through their day complaining
and mumbling as if grumpy old bears. They may be
mommies and daddies; they may even be Pastors, teachers
and policeman. They remind you of the walking dead,
only they are corpses who aren't quite dead yet.
Its like they live in an incubator safe from pain, and
failure, and susceptible to every kind of negative
experience known to man. They just given up!
What good is life without living and tasting it.
If your at the plate why not take a swing at the ball .
What if you miss out before you even take a swing?
Wake up and play, your alive, your not dead !
We live in a time of deep regrets where no one knows
you quit, but inside you throw in the towel. You wanted
to make a different and run into obstacles, and you decided
to adjust your expectations to your limitations.
We have to much to do to live in regrets! We must get up,
and breath deep of this moment. There will never be another
moment in your life like right now.
Yes, we live in times of deep regret, where we have a time
of tears, fears, or trauma; each passion has its own cost.
Its the cost that makes it all worth it in the end.
The positive is as easy to find as the negative, and much easier to live with.

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