When I have time on my hands

a poem by Nishu Mathur, India

In a reverie of joyous thoughts
I take myself to other worlds
Where sparkling streams of crystal flow
And summer breezes gently blow

Where beds of darkness love to bloom
Beneath the cusp of a crescent moon
And stars that shine their bright light
Silver the paling ends of night

And when at dawn, the sun rises
To write poetry with rays of quill
The hills come alive with the scented ink
Of sunflowers and daffodils

Here clouds at dusk touch the earth
And drizzle rain on yearning trees
Nature's rhapsodic songs
Sing in unchained melodies

In this world of happy thoughts
Such joyous visions I do see
I linger there, longer to dream
In the solitude of a reverie

Repost - till I can pen a new poem xx

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