SATELLITES AT DAWN - When I have Time on My Hands - per Denis’s January 2020 Writer’s Challenge

a poem by Adam Archer, Australia

From the desert the view of the nocturnal ether renders me awestruck. A vantage point at where an unclouded sky begets nature’s observatory in its full colouration.

A recent discovery by observation found that just before the dawning twilight a fleet of artificial satellites orbiting our atmosphere refract light back to earth due to the rising sun’s reflection. This later I found to be termed, Satellite Watching or Tracking.

At particular angles, the satellite’s outreaching sails and solar panels glint silently in their stately repose, backlit by a distant vaulty strew of starlight and nebula, during which their diurnal ambit wends an earthly arc, ergo adducing to artificial flares of light - if but for an instant.

The unintended benefit of artificial satellites in the atmosphere withal attracts much attention from enthused grounded astronomers. Such satellites that curiously explore perhaps keep awatch over their eager observers too.

When I have time on my hands, astronomy is quite the cathartic avocation for me.


Smoke plumes from bushfires
That encircled the globe
Have now returned home

© Adam Archer 2020

*Haibun is a combination of prose poetry and haiku. The prose is brief and does not qualify the haiku.

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