a poem by Drsudarsan Damodar Prasad, India - poetry writer, author, poet

Hail ,Oh glorious Sun!
The ever shining one,
The third and divine
Eye of the Mighty Goddess*, and the one
Who blesses every one,
Saint ,sinner or the down trodden,
The joyous and the forlorn,
The preserver of the universe
The father , the most ancient one ,
Treats every one
With an equal eye, the giver of every boon

The farmer's treasure cove
The one who nourishes
And raises golden ears of corn
The one who fills
His barn, heart and showers
Gold on his field and its furrows ,
And helps him reap rich bundles of crops

Shine forth in all your glory , Oh mighty Sun!
Make us always pray
Bow before your magnificence
And your munificence
Thou art the inspirer of all noble works
Which give rise to countless blessings
Which cater to life's comforts
And its transient solace
May we always sing your glories
In folk songs ,
Which are on all lips
And which outlive the phantom years !

* According to Hindu scriptures, the Sun is the third eye of the Mighty Goddess Durga. Today is Makar Sankranti , in which all pay homage to the Sun God in a day of fond remembrance and thanks giving !

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