the fingers of her soul

a poem by Dale Costello, Australia - poetry writer, author, poet

and the line your finger has drawn
down the length of our side
as the stars start dancing
all over this hide
and out our eyes again

bucket to the rain
pail to the sun
hands like words
that know all we carry
leave to dry in the sun
same hearts as everyone

and a tear that escaped
a single sky to the smile
you carry us in everywhere
egg and cup
spooning out the song

never a wish to the wrong
breath cast to shadows
wills our heart to the long..
and longer journey through the meadows
every tree as it follows
the breadth of her Universe

and sound mapping her once more
a ghost to all before
and falling home again
stranger in the friend
and all She’d imagine

floating free in the wind
resting here in each library
Her beautiful lost poetry
singing through the stones
til breath cant hold alone
all she’d say..

tip of a cloud down our face
night and condensation
the questions that cant be answered
in words
or without investigation

as She looks deeper into our eyes
the colours as they fly
in the same oceans of her soul
every trace of lost control
finding truth where nothing answers
but Her songs..

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