Sentiments In Blue

a poem by Kenneth Malvyn Clark, UK

in ink blue I see Safire eyes
a sky bereft of cloud,
hear the whispers of love
feel the feathered touch of blossom
that lay upon us like a shroud,
oh cruel world, what manner
of gods or man rips
asunder the love in young hearts,
forbids the promises of love
shared in a kiss of innocent lips,
to paper I pen the feelings
my heart yearned to say,
pen the anguish that longed
to escape the fa├žade that masked
the ache of my night and day,
were we wrong to love,
wrong to kindle a flame
that consumed the purity of souls,
to surrender our innocence that
beggared us no guilt or shame,
times eaten away my years,
taunted me with want of a girl who
oft walks into this aching heart,
awakens the sadness my pen
unburdens, in these sentiments in blue,

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