The Land by Winter now Recast

a poem by Dwayne Leon Rankin, USA - poetry writer, author, poet

.....I took a stroll this winter, cold;
On past the yards, all lined with snow.
I went on through ‘neath moons soft glow,
.....T’ward open fields; each snow filled wold.
And there I felt the cold winds blow;
And there I saw the snow drifts flow.

.....I stopped and watched the stars shine down;
Down upon that quiet place.
And there I found within that space,
.....The silence of this winter found.
That quiet then, I did embrace.
I found all filled with winter’s grace.

.....With shades of shadows; glints of light,
I saw therein that winter’s field.
.....The beauty found within each weald;
I spied within that morning’s light.
.....Then to this peace, my heart did yield;
.....Within my soul, my pain was healed.

.....And though not a morsel did I eat;
My soul ‘twas filled with this repast.
.....My hunger now was filled at last;
Filled with beauty, not with meat.
.....The land, by winter, now recast;
.....Within these wonders found at last.


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