a poem by Dale Costello, Australia - poetry writer, author, poet

the songs the 'pound is sinking by Paul Mcartney. 'free the people by Sherbet. and 'California dreamin by Sia play soundtrack to this poem and its creation..


We are not this dusty highway
working its way across the soul
mindandsoul as it will say
what becomes of journey whole

and that shattering distance around us
falling like stars down the stairs
we leave an eye
in the cavity of the heart (pound is sinking)

we have had too much to say
and the silence that ruled our day
said all the wrong things
the ghost in us sings
“free the people, from the fire
tow the boat out of the raging sea”

and the capsizing stories around us ((california dreamin))
my moon
the voice of all that is soon
my sun
true body of the tune
and all that martyr revealed
night and concealed
true prophesy of day..

“and still the Winters day”
as we play in the river now
as we play in the rain
strange and Saturday as we need
like lovers to the pain
breath to the lungs
of every careless anyone
we have been made../

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