When I've Got Time On My Hands (2020 Challenge)

a poem by Roche Igot Rosos, Philippines

When we've got time in our hands,
Let's learn to share it with someone,
Someone who needs it badly,
To those who still live their life so desperately,
Ignored by their own family,
Being neglected by our society,
If we still have time in our hands,
It's never too late to understand,
We only have one life to live on,
So live it wisely and know your reason,
We all have differences and capacity,
We cannot even please everybody,
But don't focus on negativity,
Look at the bright side in a unique way,
This world may fall apart,
Most of the times may broke your heart,
Never waste time living in the past,
Move on those pain will never last,
If you open your heart for a new start,
As you grow older you will chose to live a peaceful life,
You will see yourself smiling with God,
Appreciating all His blessings and for not abandoning you in times of your mourning.

#Trust in God always

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