Reflections of the Mornings Light

a poem by Dwayne Leon Rankin, USA - poetry writer, author, poet

by Dwayne Leon Rankin

The gold of morn; so shines the sun,
...To match the soft and silvery light;
Of moon that comes when day is done,
...That shines aloft on starry night.

And so it is the world doth spin;
...Around, around from dawn, doth go.
From mornings glint when day begins;
...Around it weaves, till evens glow.

And then; and then, until at last,
...The night comes forth with darkness found.
From even’s glint, when day is past;
...The dark of night, by silver, bound.

The silvery gleam of moon and star;
...To bring the beauty to the night.
To shine on down from high, afar;
...Reflections of the mornings light.


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