a poem by Drsudarsan Damodar Prasad, India - poetry writer, author, poet

A drop of devotion
Can become an ocean,
And many can surf on its waves,
Soft and serene !
Blue , deep and divine ,
The ocean never ceases to fascinate
Every one, who has eyes
To see the play of the divine !

It can give birth to a tiny rivulet
Which grows to a mighty rivulet
Thunders down a mountain tract
As a majestic cascading waterfall
Pure nectar and solace for the soul,
Its roar awakening the sleeping lion within
The lion of a firm resolve
To change lives and destiny's plan
For the poor and the down trodden!

The age of miracles is not over,
It will never be over,
As you hear the clarion call
For another day, another battle
Against evil, its murky ways and guile
And your firm faith in the drop of devotion
Grows only bigger and larger ,
And you emerge as the sure winner :
The ultimate winner !

Thy will be done, Obeisance , Oh Goddess of the golden letters !

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