Aunt Margaret

a poem by Dale Costello, Australia - poetry writer, author, poet

sleep don’t come crawling no more
when she been up late making no sense at all

ready to go on her dress
dodging hailstones like bullets in the wilderness

and then Mother will call.. on the batphone

“Margaret! what is this your sister is tellin me?
about you going to the supermarket to buy poetry
cant be done.. get over yourself”

Maggie is off again ten minutes later like the clap
of thunder in the sky has landed in her cat carrying lap
off to purchase stamps for her collection it seems
‘in her dreams.. says less subtley sister Laura

and then that batphone.. like the noise is invested
in so much more than silence

:Margaret! Don’t make me come down the stairs you little rascal
you giving your siblings the indefinite article of hassle
I’m trying to make myself heard to my sweet lord”

Laura looked at Maggie, Maggie at sister Josie
Josie looked at the cat, the cat spied a fleeing rat
Maggie again, eyes up people.. do I have to everything
says sweet Rachel..

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