Smile Back

a poem by Dhal Bahadur Jirel 'Ravi', Nepal

I am the forsaken poet
I know, made of self burnt
Ashes and dust
Of feelings, of dreams
Of hopes and of desires
Trodden by wretched time
Lying on the path of life

My life is ruined
in many's eyes
My mind is frozen
by cold wind of rumour
My heart is left empty
of my own blood
My soul is taken away
No birds of hope to sing
There lies no moon to tease
And lies no sun to wake up
Things have come to the end
And I am become like
The midnight Triveni grave yard
When I only hear the thunder
Of my own age flowing down
Hitting the builders of obstacles.

The world may query
with eyes wide open
About my untold stories
The evils of worn past
And broken dreams
Buried in my heart
Almost become blunt
fulfilling their desire.

When I stood against evil
More evils surrounded
When I spoke truth
Barriers of lie stood high
To shut my mouth
When I wanted to change myself
To change this dead world
Thorn of curse and lamentation
Grew green all around.

One day having succumbed
all my unquenched will
like all the living shall
I shall go back to dust
But before it I love to see
this world smile back to me.

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