Army of occupation

a poem by william andrews, Greece

Some times
when i
look around
and see
what is happening
in our world

I look back with nostalgia
those days i believed
that the wall
along my border
was complete
it could withstand
any army
that wanted to invade
i was happy then
i thought
drink drugs
rock and roll
a little blues
a little soul
deadicated to the things
that i saw
on my screen

But one day
i don't remember when
i slowly realized
i'd been invaded
the walls
along my border
had been breached
the silent war of attrition
was now complete

I was shocked
i didn't know
i didn;t see
how can this be
my comfort zone
i was trained to believe
beyond belief
My Traitorous
inner feelings
i thought
were locked up
in my cage
they excaped
and breached my walls
for the army
to invade

Now and then
deep within
my wasteland
of whats left
of my comfort zone
in my rage
i get together
to throw a few bombs
Ending up
in their cage
until once again
i slowly
come of age
Reluctantly agreeing
i am
a human being
reluctantly agreeing
this army
of occupation
of common sense
and reasoning
should never
leave me

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