a poem by Chad Martinez, USA

I wanted everyone to go to bed thinking about the future, i wanted them to believe that there would be a better day for all on the horizon. Maybe we couldn't all agree on a perfect utopia. But that was alright. Maybe I could be a guiding light, maybe I could be that beacon of hope. We would never know if the book never finished itself... who was I kidding? The book was going to take a huge amount of work regardless of how much I prayed. There would be no fish filling the buckets, no access to unlimited wine. Satan would not leave every heart.

But I had to try to create a utopia, we couldn't act like the future was unplanned. And it needed to be spectacluar, it need to be a vision of a better humanity, a kinder society. We were all just dreamers anyway, so why didn't we dream up these things together?


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