Birding - as a Twitcher might see it!

a poem by Denis Barter, Canada - poetry writer, author, poet

(An Avian Account) with Apologies to those birds I fail to include.

Recently I was taking a quiet ‘Tern’, out and about,
‘Puffin” and panting, on my early morning gadabout
when I met a solitary ‘Blackbird’ - ‘Martin’ his name.
Cawing and ‘Raven’ out loud, he said it’s a shame
some think I’m a small ‘Rook’: it shouldn’t be allowed!
I’m really much smarter, and besides, I’m ‘Peacock’ proud.
Though some may think me a ‘Booby’, and a proper fool,
being easily ‘Gulled’, whereas in truth I’m really cool!
It’s the second time this week, Twitchers were taken in,
but for some to think me a small ‘Crow’, is a ‘Cardinal’ sin!
When I was having a ‘Grouse’ at a ‘Hen’ party of sorts,
an old ‘Oyster Catcher’ ‘Stilt’ said ‘Toucan’ enjoy sports
like tennis that uses a ‘Canary’ yellow ball. Thinking it absurd,
I asked a ‘White Capped Sparrow’ to check if he’d ever heard
of ‘Woodpeckers’ playing tennis. Said he, I’ll ‘Duck’ that chore,
there’s important things I must do, and then some more!
Ask the ‘Bat’ said the ‘Catbird’ he’s a real smart ‘Coot’
and will never ‘Quail’ from trouble. You cannot dispute
he’s no ‘Bufflehead’ when it comes to night flying!
He possesses a ‘Goldeneye’ when it comes to spying,
though I doubt it’s something a ‘Pelican’ could ‘Swallow’.
In truth he is a ‘Nighthawk’ of distinction, never callow,
that will risk ‘Shearwaters’ to ‘Skimmer’ over barriers,
and confront the ever greedy ‘Seagulls’ and ‘Harriers’.
Go fly your ‘Kite’ the ‘Barn Owl’ said to the ‘Flicker’:
whilst a ‘Golden Eye Pheasant’ was heard to snicker,
as he thought the idea behind this rhyme, was a ‘Lark’,
firstly inspired by meeting a fledgling ‘Bobolink’ in the park.
Whereupon a ‘Warbler’ trilled and a ‘Thrasher’ thrashed,
as a ‘Carolina Wren’ and ‘Blackbird’ bathed and splashed,
using a ‘Dipper’ with finesse they showed great expertise,
knowing full well a good bathing was always sure to please.
Next came a ‘Blue Jay’, ‘Robin’ and ‘Boat Tailed Grackle’
who’d got together to ‘Rail’ and have a tete-a-tete cackle
about the day’s events, even as a ‘Vireo’ hung ‘Bunting’
in the trees to warn a ‘Northern Hawk’ was out hunting
for unsuspecting prey. Meanwhile, a ‘Buzzard’ hovering nigh,
kept its ‘Eagle’ eye open for carrion, from high in the sky,
whilst a ‘Heron’ and ‘Swan’ had a ‘Chat’ at the creek nearby,
as a ‘Killdeer’ gave forth with its most distinctive cry.
They secretly thought the ‘Crow’ was a ‘Loon’ on the loose,
and had discussed his condition with a wise ‘Owl’ and ‘Goose’.
They also concluded a ‘Nuthatch’ and ‘Tree Creeper’
knew more of ongoing avian events, when they probed deeper
into the forest, where a ‘Cuckoo’ - a ‘Booby’ clown,
kept calling for a ‘Swift’ ‘Road Runner” to slow down,
and was he aware that for a breakdown he’d need a ‘Crane’?
Although a broken feather was not serious, it was a pain,
They took a ‘Snipe’ at the ‘Partridge’ and ‘Ptarmigan’ too,
whilst a ‘Dove’ courting a ‘Pigeon’ close by, could only say Coo!
Yes, it was an interesting walk I took that early morn,
which reminded me of birds known, since I was born.
For now this poetic rhyme must suffice to bring to mind,
how many different birds there are that we can find,
if we keep our eyes wide open and take care to look
carefully at the infinite variety - listed in Audubon’s Book.

Rhymer. January 24th, 2020..
(A mild case of Bird Flu?)
This is my tribute to my old Navy Buddy, Peter, who was an avid bird watcher (A Twitcher, the term that describes such as he, who departed a few days before Christmas 2019. Sadly missed))

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