I Was Born Different

a poem by Deanna C. Dilley, USA - poetry writer, author, poet

Some people question,
While others walk away.
Some people stare
And let others snicker.
I was born different!

Some people talk
And others turn heads.
Some people point.
Others just laugh.
I was born different!

My fingers don't straighten
And elbows are bent.
My ankles are weak
And my back is curved.
I was born different!

I've had therapy since infancy:
With splints on my wrists,
A cast on my foot,
And thick glasses covering my eyes.
I was born different!

I never had many friends.
I used to be shy,
But not any more.
I can talk up a storm.
I was born different!

Oh how I love to read and write!
I'm a Special Olympics' athlete.
Figure skate no more;
Now have bowling and track
And soccer too!
Just look at my medals!
So what if I was born different!

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