The RADAR and how many times TIMES EMIT….?

a poem by SylviaFrances Chan, Netherlands

The RADAR and how many times TIMES EMIT….?

The word RADAR and the phrase TIMES EMIT are palindromes,
forward and backward you read the same word and phrase.

how many times
times emit?
the palindrome date has just disappeared,
just awoke
apples and pears appear again
have my morn break, and?
moments very disappointing
no anointing
i reckon from the Almighty
the highest of the Trinity
is this ironical?
chasing palindromes
is not so logical
me the one who prays to God,
perpetually grateful,
everywhere and on this spot,
hum praises
filled with prayers and devotionals,
intended to create another palindrome
but now i roam,
today is no yesterday,
where i wrote my palindrome anyway,
starting with the date of 02-02-2020,
but the night asks my precious sleep,
no, i never weep
about such odd treat,
i kneel down and ask the Lord
please, may i be again aboard?
just a second i thought of my passion, my love for poetry
i chose God who i love so thoroughly
i am constantly loyal to Him
only at that momentum
of palindrome perfume,
that was this night
of that 02-02-2020
now i submit
and lit
your name perpetually,
forgive me, Lord
grateful to be aboard
humbly me

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