When I have Time On My Hands , For Denis Barter , Challenge 2020 .

a poem by Edwin Keith Jepson, UK - poetry writer, author, poet

Older in years but never in mind
Though time has changed many things
I reminisce of what's left behind
and it appears I'm flying without any wings
Who would imagine in their wildest of dream
That a man from the mine would be on VN
Thanks to JJ and his dedicated team
Friendship was formed by a stroke from a pen
In far away lands across the sea
Where poets reside 'Neath azure skies'
People communicated like you and me
With wonderful poems and compassionate replies
Seeking no riches, neither of fame
Our poems extended around the globe
As time passed by we got to know one another's name
and tender feelings did eventually disrobe
Nearly ten years ago and I'll never forget
My life did change , When I joined 'Voices Net '

Author , Edwin Jepson .
For Denis's 2020 Challenge ,
Sorry for late response Denis , [You Know Why ] Eddie ]

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