a poem by Adam Archer, Australia

Of all people met through the years -
Some colleagues, friends, thieves and peers,
Rather a brother stands in arms
Instead chooseth to bend thy charms:

Aficionate the ridicule -
The unconscious pain visceral,
Such feigned excuses, abasing
Those sycophants lain in waiting:

In physics it is surely known
‘First principle’ - first knowledge sown,
Fools gravitate thus to one’s pull
Then, wherefore scold and ridicule?

How then in mine unmannered style
Didst thy retort hadst me beguiled
By gas-emitting canting tongues -
The greenhouse damage brought by lungs:

The bell curve too steep to withstand -
A fellowship’s forced reneged hand,
When time is lean; no time to err
Thus buried bonds, undertaker!

When shy a horse that jumps its tail
So gambles he on kinship frail,
Such learned arcane antipathy -
A fleeting modus vivendi:

When Saint Gabriel sounds His horn
Its clarion call shalt thee scorn
And rescind thy Faustian pact
When inane parley luster lacked:

With haughty airs and fawning verse
Somehow believed bad joke at first,
O’er mine eyes now there is no wool -
Still, thou art drawn to central pull.

Much like a dust storm
Snow globe particles settle
Once upturned

© Adam Archer 2020

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