Attack the Vulnerable for Greed (in the words of the birds)

a poem by tobias kerins, UK

Sometimes you know, when things are not right
When a bird without wings, is away in full flight
Mysterious power, sixth sense say some
But is there a sense, which makes you feel numb

Like the jackdaw, who does jewellery steal
The last supper, the final meal
Rob from the rich, to feed the poor
In the face of the wanting, they would slam the door

An inkling you had, just couldn't put in words
Up with fairies, away with the birds
But there was this feeling, in your waters could feel
That things weren't right, oh so surreal

The phoenix does, from the ashes rise
This comes to no one, as any surprise
As motives are driven, by power and greed
Upon which these vultures, have taken the lead

Square pegs you know, don't fit in round holes
It's never wise, to tread on hot coals
Walk on water, you're bound to sink
Now is the time, to sit and think

The wise old owl, on the church roof sits
Seen it all before, he quietly admits
Bitterness empowered, neither by lemon nor lime
Morality squashed, as the church bells chime

The hand you held, the one that was dealt
Like a person knighted, you bowed and knelt
The mirror reflects, so many faces
But clearly you, did not have aces

The birds of prey, they quickly drift
With needle-eye focus, the falcon and swift
Black sheep they say, you may have heard
But in this case my dear, you are the blackbird

Those who harbour, jealousy and guilt
A mountain of misery, will surely have built
Not being content, but driven by hate
Will do anything, to seal your fate

The peacock spreads, her feathers of bloom
To improve the air, remove the gloom
Multitude of colours, aspirations galore
Plumage, the people adore

In your wildest dreams, you could not see
Or quite believe, the legacy
That befell you this time, and could not digest
Sting in the tale, a hornet's nest

From harrier to hawk, eagle to kite
Attacks on the vulnerable, is an awful sight
Especially when played, to someone else deny
Be rid and take flight, with the birds fly

The Maltese Falcon Vol IX
This is not a Rehearsal!

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