Let them be

a poem by Anjani George, India

Let the trees be, swaying in the gentle breeze
Their leaves rustling, sharing secrets of the forest
The gentle warm golden rays straining through
Weaving pretty netted patterns on the earth

Let the birds be, nestling their little ones
On those trees, amidst the foliage
Distress them not as they chirp and twitter through
Balmy summers, sodden monsoons and foggy winters

Let the weary traveler be, for he's drained and spent
Under those trees he finds a safe haven
For all his life he's run after worldly pleasures
Only to realize, this is where his heart always belonged

Let the seasons be, for they bring joy and fun
With those trees to nurture, they can come and go
For, whether chill or cloud, fall or shine
There's them the woodland to hold us tight

Oh! but let them not be, those ploys to slash, for,
Like a huge python winding round and round
They stifle, they strangle and breathless we'll perish
So, those lovely woods, please let them just be

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